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Showing gratefulness for the employees and hard workers that make up the Southern Valley family.

Meet the Workers: Brad

About 5 years ago now, Brad Golden ran into Jon Schwalls, Southern Valley’s Director of Operations, at the grocery store where he then worked as Produce Manager.  An unfortunate series of events caused them to cross each other’s path at the time, but Jon left Brad his card and told him if he ever wanted…
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Meet the Workers: Martin

Martin Portales Rivera has been employed with Southern Valley/Hamilton Growers since 1998 as an H2A (temporary guest worker) employee. As a guest worker, he can spend a certain number of months with us on our farm working and then must spend a certain number back at his home. Over the course of the last 18…
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Meet the Workers: Corey

Corey Goss is a member of our illustrious “clean-up crew” as we term it. When Corey first started working for Hamilton Growers/Southern Valley (Hamilton Growers is the grower entity, while Southern Valley is our marketing label) he spent the early part of his employment in the fields helping to plant and pick product.  After that,…
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Meet the Workers: Brenda

Brenda Palomares has been working at Southern Valley almost as long as it has been in existence. She references her time here with statements such as, “I came about 3 months after *Kirk passed” and “*Pam was pregnant with *Courtney when I first met her.” Those statements point not only to the length of her…
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Southern Valley Sales

The war room. The bullpen. The place where the magic happens. Each of these terms has been used to describe the sales office at Southern Valley over the years, and I’m certain many more which aren’t suitable to repeat in print.  Within the offices at Southern Valley, the sales office is in a league of…
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Southern Valley: The Chip Carter to My Joanna Gaines

I’m really not an HGTV kind of a girl. Too many options and possibilities in the design and housing world and too little money and know-how in my world. However, I’ve recently gotten sucked into the world of Chip and Joanna Gaines and their hit TV show, Fixer Upper. He’s funny and good looking. She’s…
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