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Showing gratefulness for the employees and hard workers that make up the Southern Valley family.

Meet the Workers: Susannah

Susannah Hortado has worked on the packing line for Southern Valley/Hamilton Growers since July 1997. In her initial years at Southern Valley/Hamilton Growers, she says her job was to pack squash, cucumber, and eggplant. However, as our inventory grew over the years, so did her job description. Susannah now spends her days on the cucumber packing line…
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Meet the Workers: Manolo

I would daresay that any parts and supply store in town knows the face and gentle smile of Manolo Olguin well.  I also doubt that after speaking with him they would ever believe this is the same guy who used to skip English class in Mexico to go play soccer instead. “I didn’t like English,”…
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Meet the Workers: Carlos

Carlos Del Angel is a self-proclaimed “city boy” who never had any intention of working on the farm. Intentioned or otherwise, Carlos has been with Southern Valley for over 20 years now, doing a myriad of different jobs and excelling in each of them.  While he will tell you that he prefers electronics, technology, and…
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Meet the Workers: Paul

Paul Dawson has spent all of his life right here in Norman Park, Georgia. Not only was he born and raised here, but as a child he was also reared alongside many of the family and staff of Southern Valley. Paul says he was taught everything he knows about farming by Brian Key’s dad (Brian…
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Meet the Workers: Chino

Chino Ramires has been with Southern Valley for twenty years.  After spending his youth working all across the Southeast – oranges in Florida, peaches in South Carolina, apples in Virginia, tobacco in Tennessee – a friend invited him to come work at Southern Valley in Georgia. There, he took on role after role and seemingly…
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Meet the Workers: Jose

Off to the right of the packing house, stands what appears to be a wise gray-haired man bent over a piece of metal welding almost every time I enter. If he sees me when I walk in, without fail he straightens up, grins a toothy grin and greets me with a “Buenos Dias.” Jose “Javier”…
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