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Stories of how the farm came to be and of those who were there from the beginning.

A Woman’s Perspective

Wanda Hamilton-Tyler, or as she is often referred to around Southern Valley – Ma, Mama, or Aunt Wanda – is no stranger to all aspects of farm life. Born and raised right outside of Norman Park, Georgia, just minutes from where she still lives at the age of 72, she is the fifth of six…
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The Southern Valley Way

Organic. Sustainable. Local. Natural. These words fill up my Facebook newsfeed on a daily basis. Perhaps they fill up yours as well. Articles, opinions, scientific claims, research, advertisements, bashing, fear mongering – all aimed at steering the general public one direction or another when it comes to the food they buy, and ultimately the food they consume. Still…
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Misconceptions of Mexico Farm Labor

There has recently been a minor uproar in the news regarding the labor standards in Mexico and as many would concur, perhaps rightly so. Some of the stories I read reported deplorable living conditions and a blatant disrespect of labor laws, not to mention a disregard for standard human decency. In response to these stories,…
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Allow Me to Introduce You

Allow me to introduce you to Southern Valley…as I know them. I grew up hearing about Southern Valley and the Hamilton family long before I ever got the chance to experience them. I lived amongst the agriculture community in small town South Georgia so it was inevitable that I would get word of this family…
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