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Stories of how the farm came to be and of those who were there from the beginning.

30 Years and Growing

We’re a progressive and innovative farming operation with traditional farm roots and family values. Family operated and female owned. 30 years and growing!
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Spring What-ifs

Each and every seed is brought to life the same way at the beginning of our Spring season, but we never truly know what the season will hold for those individual seeds. They are nurtured and nestled and nudged along until time for them to be transplanted into the soil anywhere from 7 to 60…
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Southern Exposure 2017: Reflections

Our team came back from the Southern Exposure Produce Show exhausted, but also energized from a great time with co-workers and customers.  If you weren’t at the show or didn’t get the chance to stop by our booth, here’s a little taste of what was going on at Booth 402:            …
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Valle del Sur: The Story

It should have just been a pipe dream. Actually, it was just a pipe dream. One of those things where you say it as a joke and everyone laughs because they think you’re crazy. That’s quite literally how the idea for a farm in Yucatan was conceived. As a joke. While riding an RTV down…
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Welcome to the Jungle

After our plane landed in Cancun, we drove for miles and miles and hours and hours through absolute nothingness. And when I say nothingness, I’m not exaggerating. Shrub. Shrub. Shrub. Little itty bitty town. Jungle. Trees. Shrub. Stand-alone store. More nothingness. For hours. And just when we thought things couldn’t get any more full of…
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Steve and Valda Mathis: A Family Matter

The word “family” encompasses all that Steve and Valda Mathis have been working for and with over the years. “The sense of family seems to draw us all together,” says Steve as Valda nods along stating, “Everybody wants to see the family unit succeed. Everybody’s working for the same goal. We always used to say…
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