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A taste of the farm, fields, products, and innovation that define the Southern Valley way.

‘Tis the Season to Seed

We say often around the farm and on our social media platforms that we are a “seed to shelf” company – meaning that we literally handle every step in the life of our product, from the time it is planted as a seed until the vegetables are delivered to the store – or restaurant or wholesaler’s – shelf. Hence, “seed to shelf.” Generally, what we tend to talk about most in the seed to shelf concept is the span of time when the vegetables are in between the seed and the shelf – that is, the growing, picking, and packing of the vegetables.

Ever Wonder What Happens on a Farm During the Winter?

On a brisk January day, Austin Hamilton outfitted in his typical t-shirt, faded blue jeans, work boots, and seed-company-supplied-cap, stands alongside four John Deere tractors and twenty hardworking employees discussing what takes place during the twenty or so days of laying plastic in our South Georgia fields. It is during these winter months each year that one-third of Southern Valley’s fields are shimmied under straight rows of black plastic in preparation for the coming growing season.

7 Things We Are Grateful For

As we enter the week of Thanksgiving, we pause and realize just how much we have to be grateful for.  Here are a few things for which we are grateful this year.  1.       Family As a family-owned and operated business, there is no way our farming operation would be in existence without our family.  From…
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Cucumber Production in the Midst of a Recall

If you’ve flipped through a newspaper, turned on the news, or scrolled through your Facebook or Twitter feed recently, you’ve likely heard of the current salmonella outbreak involving cucumbers from Mexico.  Rest assured this recent outbreak has not escaped our notice, or the consumer’s notice. We have been asked multiple times over the last few…
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5 Reasons Southern Valley is NOT Your Typical Farm

I grew up in the same community as Southern Valley, but working here has been an eye-opening experience and I have learned things about the operation I could have never imagined. Here are the 5 things that make Southern Valley different from your typical farming operation.   1. We are female-owned. Wanda Tyler-Hamilton and her…
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Meet the Hendersons

As we meandered and snaked our way up the mountains passing acres of rolling nothingness, my summer vacations spent in my grandparent’s beloved mountains came back to me and for a brief moment I felt as if I were headed towards another Smoky Mountain vacation. Rest assured, I was not on vacation. We were instead…
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