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A taste of the farm, fields, products, and innovation that define the Southern Valley way.

Football and Farming

The South has long been known for its love of the finer things in life, like sweet tea, mama’s cooking, the great outdoors… and of course, football.  As the weather begins to cool off and everyone holds their breath waiting for the first signs of fall to blow in, football seems to be the topic…
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Spring What-ifs

Each and every seed is brought to life the same way at the beginning of our Spring season, but we never truly know what the season will hold for those individual seeds. They are nurtured and nestled and nudged along until time for them to be transplanted into the soil anywhere from 7 to 60…
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Meet the Workers: Brenda

Brenda Palomares has been working at Southern Valley almost as long as it has been in existence. She references her time here with statements such as, “I came about 3 months after *Kirk passed” and “*Pam was pregnant with *Courtney when I first met her.” Those statements point not only to the length of her…
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Southern Valley Sales

The war room. The bullpen. The place where the magic happens. Each of these terms has been used to describe the sales office at Southern Valley over the years, and I’m certain many more which aren’t suitable to repeat in print.  Within the offices at Southern Valley, the sales office is in a league of…
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Two Words: Spring Season

Spring season. Those two words are spoken throughout the office all year long with layers of meaning delving far beneath the surface. Sometimes they are uttered with dread. Other times with a level of excitement or intensity.  No matter how the words “spring season” roll off the tongue, we spend all year bracing for it,…
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Southern Valley: The Chip Carter to My Joanna Gaines

I’m really not an HGTV kind of a girl. Too many options and possibilities in the design and housing world and too little money and know-how in my world. However, I’ve recently gotten sucked into the world of Chip and Joanna Gaines and their hit TV show, Fixer Upper. He’s funny and good looking. She’s…
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