Butternut Believer

It’s honestly pretty hit or miss around this house with me and the veggies. Like if a vegetable hits me upside the head and then falls onto my plate I will eat it, but if not I would not be missing it. Fruit I can do. Vegetables, they’re a struggle for me. Which, yes I know is blasphemous because I work for a produce company. Trust me, I didn’t advertise that fact in the interview.

For some random reason I decided to bring home a butternut squash from work this week. I keep hearing people talking about eating butternut squash and felt like I needed to give it another shot. I actually brought some home earlier in the winter and ended up throwing them out because they were just intimidating. I had no idea what to do with one and despite the fact that I looked up instructions for cooking one it appeared so unappetizing that I could never muster up the gumption to go through with it. Somehow I have made it through my entire adult life and have never eaten a butternut squash. Seems I wasn’t eager to change that status.

However, I guess I was stuck inside too long today due to the weather and the result was an effort at cooking butternut squash. Just to cover my bases with this strange specimen I decided to do one half savory (salt, pepper, and olive oil) and one half sweet (brown sugar and cinnamon) and roasted the joker for 30 minutes or so. Honestly, I wasn’t thinking that either half sounded good or appealing. I had very low expectations for this foreign vegetable. Perhaps that is why I was so pleasantly surprised when I bit into it and didn’t gag. It was good. Actually, it was pretty darn good. Who knew?! Obviously not me.


Cooked butternut squash

Ate me some butternut squash and declared myself to be a picture of health. If only eating two vegetables in a two week span counted as being a picture of health, then a photo I would be. Venture on out and get you some butternut squash. You’ll be glad you did.

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