Taste the Valley

Butternut Believer

It’s honestly pretty hit or miss around this house with me and the veggies. Like if a vegetable hits me upside the head and then falls onto my plate I will eat it, but if not I would not be missing it. Fruit I can do. Vegetables, they’re a struggle for me. Which, yes I…
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Dill Cucumber Salad

Ingredients: 3 Southern Valley Salad Cucumbers 1 T olive oil 1 T red wine vinegar 1/2 of a lemon- juiced 1 clove of garlic – minced 1 t chopped dill 1 t crushed red pepper ½ diced tomato (optional) ¼ sliced small red onion (optional) Directions: Peel salad cucumbers if desired and slice into thin…
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Allow Me to Introduce You

Allow me to introduce you to Southern Valley…as I know them. I grew up hearing about Southern Valley and the Hamilton family long before I ever got the chance to experience them. I lived amongst the agriculture community in small town South Georgia so it was inevitable that I would get word of this family…
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